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Beauty Care Everyday Like Korean Women

Maintaining a look with beauty treatments has become a routine of women today. You want to look beautiful all the time? One of the beauty trends that are currently loved by women is, beautiful natural style of  Korean women.

The beautiful look of korean women is a natural look without excessive makeup sweeps. Because natural beauty can not be obtained instantly, it takes time and routine maintenance steps that you should do everyday.
For those of you who want to get a natural beauty like Korean women, following daily beauty care steps that you can do at home regularly after washing your face.

Serum is given as the first skin care after washing the face. Serum serves to provide moisture to the skin so that other treatments easily penetrate. One of the recommended serum is Laurent Serum Vitamin C, high doses of vitamin C serum to help maintain skin elasticity and brighten the skin.

Toner provides freshness benefits on the face, In addition toner also play a role to make the face brighter.

Lotion or Essence
Lotion or essence is given on the facial skin to supplement the skin's nutrients. Essence works to make the skin more supple and avoid the skin damage in the future.

Eyecream is a special treatment on the eyes. As in the dark spot area and corner of the eye. Eyecream serves to disguise dark circles in the eyes that affect your maximum performance.

Moisturizer or moisturizer
Moisturizer is one of the most important series of facial skin care. In addition to moisturizing, moisturizer helps nourish the skin so it looks fresher and radiant.

Sunblock is the ultimate beauty treatment and at the top layer. Sunblock serves to provide protection from UV rays on the skin so avoid premature aging.

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