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Tips for Selecting the Style of the Hemisphere of the Hair Accor

Many women like to experiment with hairstyles, ranging from short pieces to wavy.

However, one thing that makes your appearance change, is the parting style of the hair, there is a split middle, right edge, and left.

Then which part of the hair style suits your face. You can save this well, so that it looks better. Hemisphere style after making the hairdo of anyone you choose will make the face look attractive.

As reported by the site Boldsky, Tuesday (09/25/2018), a special style of hemisphere that you can try with the shape and type of face.

1. Round face

For you the owner of a round face, you can offer a choice of hemispheres at the ends and ends. This style gives a more dimensional face. Create a pleasant asymmetrical hairstyle that is more inclined to one side, left or right, your face is longer.

2. Square face
Different types and shapes of faces, different options for cleavage that enhance appearance. For those of you who have a square face, you can choose the part of the hair in the middle. You can also add symmetrical bangs on the left and right to give a pointed silhouette to the chin. With the middle part of the hair style, also with the area of ??your cheek touch.

3. Oval face
For you to choose an oval face, you are a lucky person. For an oval face, it matches all hair styles. The face looks attractive with the edge and middle of the hair. For boredom, you can replace it regularly. Add the banana bits on the front, or one side to make it look more stylish.
Source: liputan6.com
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