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Treat Itching

Happy national santri day, October 22, 2017. It's not quite right if somebody claims santri but does not know Holly Green Soap, among santri commonly known as "Green soap" or "Frog soap".

Santri is familiar with this soap, because most of the early santri often get itchy or scabies  because they have not adapted to pesantren environment. And Holly Green Soap is one of the solutions that santri believe.

How to use to overcome the itching is:

  1. Rinse the body with water.
  2. Take the soap in a way chopped, then rub it into the body part itching.
  3. Wait a few minutes, maybe there will be a sore.
  4. Rinse with water again.
In some skin types, the effect will be dry. It is recommended to use a skin moisturizer after bathing. May be useful.
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