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How To Choose Suitable Body Lotion For Skin Type

Moisturizer or body lotion is a cosmetic product that is very near daily care of the women.

This product was impartant maintain moisture and skin health. Sekawan Cosmetics created a body lotion latest innovations as the first and the only one in Indonesia,  is  Laurent Silkening Body Lotion. With using the latest formulations of hydrolyzed Silk that can help soften and rejuvenate the skin, and Goat Milk Extract & Vitamin B3 that will nourish and help brighten the skin. In addition, the lotion is also equipped with Sunscreen SPF 20 you know!

Considering so many products on the market, then we need to be careful in buying as needed of our skin. Here are some guidelines to help us in choosing body lotion products:

1.      Normal skin does tend to fit in with all kinds of body lotion, but make sure first whether the composition is dangerous or not.

Grateful if you awarded normal skin, because you do not need to bother picking what suits the body lotion. Normal skin is more likely to suit all kinds of moisturizers. But still, some things you need to consider, one of which is the composition indicated on the label. Avoid moisturizers that contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia derivatives, hydroquinone, retinoids, salicylic acid, and parabens.

After ensuring the safe composition, look for a lightweight moisturizer and soft on your skin. If you frequently go outdoors, wear body lotion with SPF 20-30.

2.      For dry skin, it is recommended to use a body butter or body cream that contains more oils and nutrients.

For skin types this one, surely you should look for body lotion that can seep and moisturize your skin to the deepest layers. Choose moisturizer product that contains glycerin, alpha hydroxy, and rich in nutrients. If the skin on your hands and feet are very dry even until flaky, use a body butter or body cream because the oil content much more than the usual body lotion. Guaranteed to be returned moist skin and look fresher.

In addition to body lotion, Laurent also has a product Body Cream. Containing Olive Oil and Shea Butter, able to maximize skin hydration. No more dry and flaky skin!

3.      For you the owner of oily skin, choose a more appropriate body lotion labeled 'oil free'.

Although looks moist, not that oily skin does not need a body lotion. Oily skin types need moisture to stay healthy and protected. Some skin moisturizer product can even help control oil production in the skin. But certainly, you must choose a body lotion that is lightweight and has a label 'oil-free' and 'non-comedogenic'.

Laurent Silkening Body lotion  is a water-based lotion. You need to know that there are two kinds of lotion product that is water based and oil based. Different with lotion oil based, water-based lotion texture for lighter, non-sticky, and more quickly absorbed in the skin.

4.      As a replacement Sunblock, just use body lotion that contains SPF to keep it safe and protected from the dangers of UV radiation.

Sunblock is important thing you must wear each go out of the house, especially in tropical countries like Indonesia were have the blazing sun. Fortunately, this time almost all of the products has been accompanied by a body lotion with SPF fairly effective against ultraviolet rays. Make sure your body lotion at least an SPF of 15-20. Do not underestimate this, because of the danger of ultraviolet rays can actually threaten the health of your skin can even trigger the growth of cancer cells.

5.      Observe carefully the expiration date, lest you wear body lotion expired.

If you already know the expiry body lotion better discard it, although it is expensive. The use of expired products are very dangerous, can be will make us lose more. Do not risking your skin's health, because the product is no longer effective expiration to moisturize and maintain the health of our skin.

Remember buy body lotion products suit your skin types. Do based price is expensive, but buy products reliable and has a CPKB standard (Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic). Body lotion products produced Sekawan Cosmetics had been tested in the market and highly trusted by the community. Additionally apparent Sekawan Cosmetics products also have obtained Halal certification from MUI. Make sure you're not wrong product. Now that you know, good luck!* INEtz/Fir

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