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How to Whiten Men's Skin to Appear More Confident

Not only women who are required to keep the facial skin, in this case the man also has the obligation to keep the facial skin to boost his confidence. Men's skin care is different with women.

Below are some ways to whiten skin that man can do every day:

Using the Right Cream

Why most men so lazy to care for him is because men do not like bothered with things like this. Men tend to like things that are simple. Even so, the cream is one of the things that should be there, especially if you often move outdoors and are often exposed to direct sunlight. However, the cream you use should indeed be a recipe recommended by a dermatologist who is suitable for your skin type.

2. Using
Toner Routinely

Exposure to direct sunlight and activity of men more than women, thus requiring him to be more diligent use of toner. This is to keep your skin remains bright.

3. Using Bengkoang Mask

Compared with other materials, bengkoang is the most suitable for men's skin. Use bengkoang masks occasional or even be better if used every day. How to whiten the skin of his face with bengkoang very easily. Enough with grated bengkoang, take the juice alone. Separate from the waste
by squeezed it. Use the juice to be smeared on the face for about 15 minutes. The waste itself can use to serve as your face mask.

4. Honey

Besides bengkoang, honey is also suitable for men's skin brightening. Just the same way. Make your honey as a facial mask. Perform routine and see the results.


So are some
ways whiten the skin of men to boost her confidence. May be useful for you and good luck.

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