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Tips on Using Hair Products For Men

Men today do not want to miss in taking care of themselves and stylish. One of the most visible is the hair care is getting noticed.

Approximately already about 3 years ago pompadour hair trends or under cut is rampant until now. Care products and styling for men's hair is increasingly circulating in the market. Pomades, waxes, and hair gel are some examples.

However, you may be confused which product is best for you, which is best suited for your hairstyle, and the more healthy for your hair. Pomade is suitable for gentleman style hair. Wax suitable for a little "messy" but still stylish. Gel is suitable for who want to look stylish all day, but do not want complicated to clean hair.

If you want to look clean and neat, the three products for the hair you can use. However, if you are confused about how to use it, Amy Komorowski, Justin Timberlake's stylist hairstyles, Jonah Hill and Andy Samberg, along with Gilda Pastina from Pierre Michel Salon have some explanations described in WebMD.com on how to use the right hair product:

  • Choose a product that matches your hair. Choose between pomade, wax, and gel that match your hair and style.
  • Do not use too much. Wear it bit by bit if you need it. "Wipe the product between your palms to warm it, then use it thoroughly in your hair," Komorowski said.
  • Beware of wiping it throughout the hair. Check that you have spread it throughout the hair. Komorowski says men focus more on one place and do not spread it well.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. Have fun with the hair products you wear. Use a variety of alternating products and do not be afraid to experiment. "It's just a product. It can be cleaned later " Komorowski said.

So, just how you choose and use it. When you are ready to decide to use it, do not forget to always clean it properly using shampoo on a regular basis, wear conditioner if necessary.

"If you look good, you'll feel good too. Good influence for your comfort, "said Komorowski.

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