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8 Ways Dry Hair Care Treatment

Dry hair is often annoying, because it looks dull and unhealthy.

But with good care, the crown of a dry head also can still look beautiful dazzling. For that note the 8 hair care tips below, so you can still be happy and tampit with full of confidence.

  1. Cleanse Hair Regularly
    It is very important to do with the aim of keeping always the health of our hair all. Healthy hair will feel soft and not dry.
  2. Avoid Rubbing Hair
    The activity of rubbing hair can cause hard friction on the hair and do not rule out the hair will be dry and damaged.
  3. Combing Correct Hair
    Combing hair should be done properly to keep hair tidy and not tangled. We can use a wide-toothed comb type.
  4. Reduce Hair Dryer Establishment
    Dry the hair better using a natural way such as by way of fanned or aerated. The use of a hair dryer that can often cause hair dry and damaged. If you do not have much time to dry your hair, before using a hair dryer it is better to use hair vitamins for hair more protected.
  5. Haircut regularly
    Hair cutting habits can also minimize the state of dry hair.
  6. Treat hair regularly
    It is important to perform regular hair care using HOLLY Hair Cuticle Coat. HOLLY Hair Cuticle Coat is able to increase hair sparkle and helps strengthen the hair shaft, so it is not easily broken.
  7.  Closing Hair
    Good for all of us to cover the hair to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and also air pollution that can at any time stick to the hair
  8. Avoiding Hair Styling
    This styling can trigger the state of hair is getting dry. So do not do excessive hair styling.

Well, that's 8 ways to treat dry hair to look healthy and beautiful. Love and keep your hair healthy. Good luck.

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